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Timmy brings 40 years of studying and honing his craft to the project.He has previous studio experience and has performed many different styles of music through the years.His drumming has a creative and  distinctive feel which brings  a legitimacy  and solid backing to these songs.He was a major contributor to the overall musical arrangements. Timmy also provided a lot of laughs during the process.

Timmy Sears - Drums

Tim photo use for woody mac.jpg

Jeff Dork - Bass Guitar


Jeff brings over 50 years of professional experience to the project with thousands of gigs under his belt.He also has had 40 plus years of recording experience.Jeff even had a recording contract at the early age of 17, not a easy feat.He provides a solid groove with a professional  and creative attitude.This project benefited greatly from his extensive experience.He is  a joy to work with.

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